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"No dead ends for kids"

NWDSA Executive Director Angela Jarvis-Holland and her son Daniel recently presented testimony at PPS Board of Education meeting. Angela discussed the Think College program, and Daniel shared his college goals and asked members of the Board to be on his team.


NWDSA is awarded a grant from Spirit Mountain Casino. Angela Frome is also the recipient of the 2012 Ye?lan Lima Award for her work with the group.

Dr. Shaffer, department of Obstetrics and Ob-gyn; Angela Jarvis-Holland, Executive Director of NWDSA; Michael Bailey, President of National Disability Rights Network; and Cori Feist, Genetic Counselor, presenting at the Maternal Health Conference at OHSU in November, 2013. Community and parent perspectives, partnerships, and ethical issues related to genetic testing were presented at this important event.