Introducing NW Disability Support

NWDSA and All Born (In) have been providing family-driven support to families, community and educators for nearly 20 years. As our leadership, successful work, and partnerships grow to meet the needs of the community, so does the need for a name that reflects the broad, inclusive nature of our work.

Under the umbrella of NW Disability Support, All Born (In) and NWDSA will continue to provide strength-based, best practices and heart-driven work to fulfill our mission. Together we create and nurture a loving and inclusive community celebrating every person with a disability.

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Advocacy Day & Healthcare Rally
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Apr 20, Salem

Portfolio for Inclusion Workshop
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May 13, MESD Auditorium

Welcome to the Northwest Down Syndrome Association

The NWDSA has been a parent-driven family support network since 1997. The NWDSA’s mission is to create and nurture a loving and inclusive community celebrating every person with a disability including Down syndrome.

The NWDSA/ABI will accomplish this mission by empowering and supporting families and individuals who have been touched by developmental disability. Together with our cross-disability sister project, All Born (In), founded in 2006, we will work to increase education, promote public understanding and acceptance, work toward full inclusion, and defend the civil rights of individuals with Down syndrome. Our vision also embraces professionals and the cross-disability community. Our statement of values is the core of our organization and the basis for how we make decisions to support our mission.

We believe that relationships are the cornerstones of our organization and that they should be both honored and nurtured.

Bike Week registration is now open! Bike Clinic will be held June 19th through June 23rd in the gymnasium of Concordia University.

Bike Week is a magical time for everyone. People who experience a variety of disabilities have had success at the clinics, including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, visual impairments, and other developmental delays. 

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  • On March 6th the American Health Care Act was proposed in the House of Representatives to replace the ACA. This legislation will cut Medicaid and repeal important protections of the ACA.

  • “Going into this camp, I thought social justice was only about helping people who can’t help themselves…but I learned that it is so much more. In order to create social justice, we have to start with ourselves.” – James, 2016 Social Justice Youth Summer Camp Participant

  • For the first time in Oregon, individuals with intellectual disabilities will have access to an inclusive postsecondary education at a four-year university, thanks to the efforts of Think College Inclusion Oregon, Northwest Down Syndrome Association/All Born (in), and Portland State University.