Medical Advocacy

The NWDSA believes strongly that the perspective of families and individuals with disabilities is a valuable part of any medical provider’s education. We are happy to partner with medical providers, universities and teaching hospitals to help bring this perspective to students and practitioners, and have in the past spoken with nursing students at the University of Portland, Ob/Gyn students, residents and doctors as well as geneticists and genetic counselors at OHSU and Physical and Occupational Therapy students at Western Oregon University, among others. We worked with OHSU President Joe Robertson on an initiative to implement the use of People First Language at OHSU in January of 2008. You can read more about our collaborative work around prenatal genetic testing here. We are open to building a relationship with any provider who wishes to work with us, and encourage you to get in touch with us by calling the Resourcefulness Center at (503) 238-0522 or emailing Angela Jarvis-Holland at We look forward to hearing from you.